Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lost In Thought

This morning I spent time reflecting on a childhood skipping in mix-matched outfits, running barefooted through the woods, playing hide-n-seek, Keepers, and getting into general trouble just for being kids. I am the baby in the family, we had nine kids in our house...three are direct siblings, and the older five were cousins who lived with us, due to the loss of their parents.

"Never a dull moment," left my Mother's lips more than once. I was a brat because I was taught to be one. However, when I raked the older kid's nerves to the point where they could kill me, they would carry me out and put me in a huge chinquapin tree, which has long thorns, and leave me there to get down on my own, then they'd disappear and poof! Long gone.

So, yesterday when my husband brought home a tree (yep, you guessed it-a chinquapin) to plant in our back yard, I had to grab hold of the side of the house to keep my knees from buckling underneath me. After pitching the greatest temper-tantrum I've pulled in years, that tree will not ever see a sunny patch in our yard, instead my husband gave it to our neighbors, who by the way, has nine kids!

Have a good Sunday and great memories,


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