Saturday, March 19, 2011

Upload, upload, and re-upload

The day has come to announce that I've finally uploaded, Tracking Perception. But who knows when it'll come "live". For the simple fact that in all my discombobulated hurry, I uploaded the wrong version, the re-uploaded yet again the wrong version, and now am waiting to get back in and upload the CORRECT version. 

However, it doesn't spoil my good mood. I went through this file with a fine tooth comb going over everything I thought possible...from formatting to tweaking, to grammar, to style. Then I uploaded the wrong dang version. Sheesh!  Oh well, the right one will be up soon.

Here's the excerpt: 
A Becky McAllen Mystery Novel

A bloody murder at the Piper Mansion. The only witness, Tasha— a German shepherd dog…

There’s been a murder in Spike, a small Texas town. The bank president and his wife were found in their home with slashed throats. The discovery occurred when four church ladies came to visit for the monthly financials. After stumbling onto the gruesome scene they decided to clean things up before calling the police, to spare the town from seeing the atrocity.

When Becky McAllen, who happens to be married to the chief of police, becomes Tasha’s caretaker, she becomes the killer’s next target…a murderer who’s after much more than blood.

Author’s note: This is the author’s preferred edition of the 2007 release, previously titled, The Scent of Money. 

Wishing all an exciting weekend. Keep on reading!



  1. Congratulations, Cherri!

    Wishing you much success.

    Vicki xx