Monday, May 3, 2010

Sharing in Celebration

Last night, D. Nathan Hilliard and I celebrated at Denny's Restaurant over his upcoming new release; THE WAYS OF KHREM. It's his debut novel and for all fantasy lovers--this one is a winner. Nate's book will be coming out about mid-May on Amazon. Look for it! 

Other news we discussed over hamburgers, fries, and coffee was how quickly the world of publishing is changing before our very eyes and on a day-to-day level. Right now, I can't shout loud enough, is the greatest time in the world to be published. 

So much of the stigma is disappearing towards self-published writers and the doors are opening on all scopes--this is a good thing. What choices we make as writers should be ours to make with honor. No matter what road we wish to walk--after all it's our personal journey to strive. 

"Impact For Murder" excites me to talk about, but it's too soon before publication. So, I must curtail my enthusiasm and pause with a deep breath. But, as time nears September, I'll let her rip! 

Happy Trails,

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