Monday, May 10, 2010

In Search of Book Holders

Gearing up for ApolloCon at the end of June is quickly approaching. Doing book signings and setting up the table has always been a little tricky for me. For a writer, displaying your books on the table is necessary. I've always used little plate easels and the books fall over. So, I jumped on Amazon and found the Book Stands that are perfect. (scroll overBook Stands and you can see what I purchased...perfect!) 

On a personal note, yesterday was Mother's Day and I do hope all women took some time to reflect on their Moms or bask in the glory of being one. Mothers are truly special and should be honored.

This morning I'm anxious to get back to my current project and charge back into Becky McAllen's world in my next novel, titled, "The Scent of Silence." She's funny, full of beans, and finds laughing to be the best medicine. She's smart, clever, and is humbled by the folks in her life. I like this gal.

A ping of an idea keeps tapping in my brain to write about a character living in a much darker frame of mind than Becky McAllen. All my work carries lots of humor, this one won't be. In order for me to do this, I'll have to stand naked before the world and strip out of the inhibitions I hold so close inside. Am I ready? Oh yeah--it's time.

Happy Trails and Happy Monday,

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