Friday, April 30, 2010

L&L Dreamspell, publisher

L&L Dreamspell, is my publisher. Two women, Linda Houle and Lisa Smith are the L&L in Dreamspell. They are the best in the business and I'm proud to be a member of our Dreamteam. 
Recently, Linda Houle published a guide book, "The Naked Truth About Publishing," and I want to post the cover and the write-up here on my blog. 

I think every new writer who is considering the highway to publishing should read this book. Linda really does spill the beans and tells all in her "The Naked Truth About Publishing"! Below--follow her story. Happy Trails, Cherri

The Naked Truth About Book Publishing
Print ISBN 978-1-60318-802-9 $8.95
Ebook ISBN 978-1-60318-803-6 $3.99
Like the legendary Phoenix—with a cycle of death in flames, then rebirth—books, and publishing, are undergoing a major metamorphosis.
The Naked Truth about Book Publishing takes a quick and dirty peek at the realities of publishing. Whether you are an author, independent publisher, or just an avid reader, it’s critical to know what’s happening and how current changes affect you!
Ebooks are now widely accepted, displacing print book sales and transforming a multi-billion dollar industry. Bookstores are fighting for survival. They’re either struggling to adapt, or going out of business. Publishing giants are developing new business models to stay afloat. For decades they’ve counted on a few top name authors’ best-selling hardcover titles to support the rest of their books.
Old wasteful printing methods are fading away, and nearly all paper books of the future will be made to order. Stores that still carry books will only stock the best-selling titles—the sales publishers still count on. Want to browse a bookstore and discover something new to read? In the future you’ll use an electronic catalog at a store kiosk—or search for interesting titles on-line.
If you’re a writer you must pay attention to what’s happening in the world of book publishing. The classic, though challenging method of finding an agent to shop a book to a top publisher is no longer the best choice for many authors. In a shrinking market, many agents are already looking for other jobs. Small, independent presses are growing in popularity. Many use a traditional business model, then work hand in hand with authors to develop and promote their books. Other choices include DIY companies—to get a book into print for a fee. And a growing number of people do everything themselves. Setting up their own businesses and self-publishing their manuscripts. Some by-pass print altogether. Ebook publishing is fast and easy and now open to everyone! A few top-name authors are leaving their big publishers and bringing their ebooks directly to readers.
Read the Naked Truth about Book Publishing to help set goals and make the best choice for your manuscript. The resources and links provide nearly everything you’ll need to get your book into print or epublished, and into readers’ hands!

Available now for Kindle

Click to buy it in print from AmazonThe Naked Truth about Book Publishing

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