Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Wonderful Writer's Night Out

With lap tops slung over our shoulders, D. Nathan Hilliard and I spent an evening at Denny's Restaurant yakking like old friends discussing all about the writer's life. 

We covered contests, forums, ideas for promoting, and scheduling time to write. And our personal lives --

Today, my personal life ran as usual...discombobulated! I'm a mess and own up to it. Had an appointment with our vet, Dr. Karla Hilliard (Nate's wife and a close friend of mine), to take Yadar, our male German shepherd in for his annual shots, but couldn't get him lifted up inside the truck. He weighs 90 lbs. and is 14 yrs. old. I'm a weakling. After 15 frustrating minutes, poor baby, he was really patient with me, but we both gave up and I ran back inside and cancelled the appointment. Rescheduled for next week on a day when my husband can be home so he can lift him up and down out of the truck. That problem solved. 

Received my edits yesterday from my editor for my latest novel, Impact For Murder (due out in September), only to realize I'm an idiot and didn't know how to open a "read only" file---sheesh, I feel silly! Now I know and all is copacetic in that regards as of today. But I wasted an entire day trying to figure it out. lol. 

I'm a Kindle reader, and love books. Went to open it up for an afternoon break, only to realize I had let the battery run down...sooooo, it's still charging and I'm sure she'll be up and running by morning. 

Our Cheyenne got a "Summer Do" and is well, shaved. She loves it and we tell her all the time how pretty she is. I don't think she's buying it. A big furry Great Pyrenees that had the Farrah Fawcet look now resembles Twiggy. She knows! lol. 



She's still our beauty! And by the end of Summer she'll look like her long, flowing, blonde trestles, again. 

All in all, it's been a good day.

Happy Trails,
P.S. (yep, there is one) Today, my copy of THE WAYS OF KHREM, by D. Nathan Hilliard arrived. Tonight at Denny's Nate signed my personal copy. And by the way--if you read the dedication page--yeppers, I'm included!!! How neat is that??????!!!!!!


  1. Poor Cheyenne. She's cooler, but she knows her flowing locks have been shorn. It's all for the best though.

  2. LOL-yeah, Cheyenne is no dummy and knows what we've done to her. BUT, she sure likes the massages and belly rubs now!


  3. She looks very cute. Did you do the shearing or have it done? She probably loves being cool, I know our pups are not enjoying outside as much. Great post. Way to go D. Nate!!! HOWLS, Iona

  4. Iona, We took her to "doggie day spa out" at PetSmart! Massage included. Our gorgeous Sweetie still thinks we should continue with a daily massage all over her body!!! LOL. Now we're afraid she's going to turn out to be one of those HIGH MAINTENANCE thinking females!!!! hahahahaha.