Monday, February 28, 2011

Weathergirl Galbiati

For Valentine's Day, my husband gave me a little weather station. Oh how I love everything to do with weather...always have. The contraption that Steve erected way above our house, secured to a pole, now sends its data to a small console in my office, which is connected to my computer. And also, I'm now registered with NOAA. How cool is that? I now understand why the weather guys on tv get it wrong so often...not exactly their fault. My equipment says "rain, possibly heavy over the next 6 hours," and it doesn't. So they're reading the same mis-information that I am. LOL! That's okay, because at least it gets the temperature, humidity, dew point, and heat index right. I'm a happy camper! (now if I can just figure out all the charts and graphs. Smilin' big) 

This is the novel I had to write after Hurrican Ike came whistling through, tearing up everything in its path. It's also the reason I insisted on getting a little weather station. It's been two and half years since Ike, but my nightmares still persist. To combat those demons, I wrote IMPACT FOR MURDER, which holds the humorous side of the human spirit during tragedy. I loved writing this novel and welcomed the characters in my head right on inside our home. All the people in this story are real to me and I've grown to love them like I do my own family. :>) 

Wishing all of you a great week ahead. If you're in the mood for a little murder, which dashes of humor, and some stealth crossing over to the darkside...may I suggest IMPACT FOR MURDER. I think you'll enjoy reading it almost as much as I had fun writing it! 

Weathergirl Galbiati signing off for now--it's a sunny week ahead,


  1. How fascinating! I saw your location on NOAA and thought Wow! That's Cherri! ON NOAA!

    Good to know there's sunshine ahead. I am really ready for spring.

    I highly recommend Impact For Murder!!!! Dealing with a murder during and after a hurricane - both suspenseful and thrilling!

  2. Weather watching is long time pasttime of mine. Now the secret's out-LOL!

  3. Hi Cherri,
    I've recently finished reading Impact for Murder.
    Oh boy, it just reached out and pulled me right in to the town of Hollow and its collection of colourful, entertaining and evil characters who make up its community.

    You carried your readers in a sensitive and respectful way through the devastation of a hurricane, and wove a story with many layers of emotions.

    Wow! The things that happen when you least expect them... the humour, the mystery, the seething. Ah! right through to the very end, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

    I'm thrilled to have found another Author with a distinctive style. Thank you Cherri :D)

  4. Susan, Thank you for all your kind words! I am so happy that you picked up on the sensitivity I tried relaying with the devastation from a hurricane. The part about the tree in the house was NOT fiction. lol!
    Thank you also for dropping in :>)