Monday, February 21, 2011

Writers' Night Out x's Three

Cool Beans! Diana Driver, D. Nathan Hilliard, and I spent a good portion of the night and wee hours of the morning at Denny's Restaurant doing what we do best. Discussing the world of writing and our works. 

First, let me introduce Nate's latest: SHADES: The Mushroom Man. If ever there were a story that revvs up the "creep value" on a short story--this is the one. Here's an excerpt: 

Finding a body in the backwoods of a city park, Tamara Quail is about to make the most serious mistake of her young life…and just maybe her last.

Faced with a choice between doing the right thing or following her muse, she decides on the latter. Now she discovers that something has followed her home—something that is relentless, heartless, and anticipates her every move—and that something intends to make her pay the ultimate price. Time is running out, but Tamara is trapped by the worst of all nightmares…a nightmare called the Mushroom Man.

Seems like my group of friends are quite prolific and keeping up with them is, how do I say, at times intimidating. But, I shall prevail. HA! 

Diana has released her Ninth Lord of the Night novel and has also put up one of the cutest short stories--a "cozy mystery" to die for--The End of the Tour.  

Another close friend of mine, who happens to live on the other side of the planet, is Vicki Tyley. Her novels are written mystery in the finest, with all the flavors of Australia, her home. Want to sit up all night reading a book you just CAN'T put down? Try Brittle Shadows. It's a gripper! 

I have some news of my own, and will announce it soon--it's all in the timing, ya know. lol! So stay tuned, because I'll be lighting some fireworks!! 

Let's raise our glasses high for these fine writers--


  1. Thanks Cherri. I'm waiting for those fireworks because I know they'll be bright and beautiful!

    I had a great time Sunday night - time just flew by. And, by resting on Monday, I realized where I need to go in my wip!

    Until next time...

  2. Diana,
    We're a lively "old" group with very "young" hearts. Like you, I didn't realize what time it was until I got home Sunday morning...sheesh! It was great fun.

    Ahhh, the fireworks will be spectacular. Just wait!

  3. Your turn will come, Cherri. Soon it will be you putting out a story and we will be the ones worrying about "catching up."

    And like you two, I had no idea how fast time had flown that night. We were just having too much fun!

  4. Nate,
    The old addage,"Time flies when you're having fun," holds true every single time!
    I know I keep telling everyone it won't be long till my novel is available. And it won't be. Just needed a bit of tweaking and the "ahhhh-perfect cover." So really, it won't be much longer...maybe a week. :>)