Friday, December 10, 2010

A New Chapter Opens in Our Lives

The Houston Police Department is minus one. It's official, my husband is now honorably retired as of today's date. 

Until now, I promised my husband (per his request) I wouldn't blog about where he worked, or give any details. I kept that promise. Now, I'm free to blab. 

My husband...a proud man, an honorable man. He served our country and our city well. For twenty-eight years he left our home to protect and serve with a skip in his step. He cared for the people in his beat, he cared for the Department, and he cared for the victims. His belief in what's RIGHT overrules all else. 

Many years ago shortly after we met, I remember the day he told me he wanted to be a cop. I learned to pray really hard from that day on. And not one day has ever been missed. I thank God for hearing my prayers and seeing us through a lifetime with his life still in tact. And for keeping him all in one piece. 

So now? Well, my sweet husband is in the process of turning his "office" at home into a MAN CAVE! Oh good grief--he's gone overboard, gutting out the old and putting in new speakers, big screen TV, stereo, main-streaming, wireless, wired, and new cabinets, wall decor, new chair, and any other type of comfort for home entertainment. 

He also loves tools...wood working tools, plain tools, saws, sanders, planers, rippers, power tools (he especially loves power tools), and drills of every assortment. He's converting our garage into his "work shop." (shoot me now!) Although, I must say, it's looking pretty organized, so I'm not complaining too much. 

The other night we went for a stroll--we held hands and I thought how comforting it was to hold his hand and, to know that now I don't ever have to let go. 

Yes, we're starting a new chapter in our lives and I'm very grateful for having this opportunity in doing so.

I raise my glass high to you, my love--



  1. Your husband is a true hero - and you are a heroine. It takes a special kind of person to be married to a police officer. Congrats to both of you. I hope he enjoys his Man CAve and I hope you enjoy your life that's less stressful.

    Hugs to both of you!!!


  2. Diana,
    Your words mean so much. It's actually funny watching him build his MAN CAVE with all the "stuff" he keeps collecting in there...I suppose it could be worse--he could've wanted a drum set! lol.

  3. A new chapter with lots of blank pages to write on. :)

    What a beautiful post, Cherri. I had a lump in my throat reading it. This bit in particular moved me:

    "...we held hands and I thought how comforting it was to hold his hand and, to know that now I don't ever have to let go.

    Best wishes to you both.


  4. Vicki, Thank you for the wishes and am glad you felt what I tried to convey. You are so right--lots of blank pages to fill. With lots of warmth and laughter!

    XXXX (a kiss from each!)

  5. I just convinced my wife to let me convert one of our spare bedrooms into a man cave/office. I was only allowed to spend $20 on mine. I made do and it looks great but now I am wondering how long it will be until my wife notices all the furniture I took from other parts of the house.

  6. Alva, LOL LOL LOL! I'm sure as time goes on your wife will notice that you've converted your "office" into a nice tidy little "man-cave"--then she'll do what I did, shake her head in amusement!! :)