Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Writers' Night Out for 2010

Someone would think that on the final Writers' Night Out of the year, Nate (D. Nathan Hilliard) and I would at least have a bit of a spring in out steps--nope. Not even a little hop. Both of us were the epitome of bone tired drifters coming into Denny's, looking for the world lost, weary old people. 

But we've vowed to shape up in the New Year and find our production levels soaring to the top. That's high on our lists. As well as find our diets and stick to them (that's even higher on the list). 

This year is yawning behind us and we found our weakness and strength in our writing, promoting, and discovered that 90% of it all is just plain common sense. Can't put a price on that one folks! :>) 

As I close this blog for the night, it will be my last one, until 2011. It's been an incredible year, this 2010. Now, it's time to look forward, learn from my errors, tighten the reins, and march onward with more determination than ever before. 

Happy New Year! I'm going to embrace 2011 with my arms open wide!

Let the music play--

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