Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Short update on NaNoWriMo

Made it through yesterday with my head nodding over the keyboard by 10pm. But, at least I started with a good word count of 3214 for the day. YAY! 

This will be a month of not knowing what's going on out in the world. Suffice it to say, maybe that's a good thing?! Just have to remember to turn the clocks back an hour this coming weekend. (what's with "playing" with the time change in the first place? Does IT really matter??? Uh, no!) 

A cold front swept over last night bringing with it one heck of spectacular light show. Now that the cooler weather has actually arrived and we're no longer in the 90's, I can quit complaining (for now at least! lol). 

Happy Nano everyone--


  1. Why do they mess with the time? They should just keep it one way or another. Let's start a petition.

  2. I don't know, but I would sign that petition in an instant. I hate daylight savings time.

    Good luck with the Nanowrimo, Cherri! You too, Alva!

  3. Y'all know it's a CONSPIRACY! LOL LOL LOL! I, too, totally think DST is just plain silly.

    @Alva, you'd better get back on track on your NaNo (don't make get out my whip-heehee) :)

    @Nate, Thanks for the luck. It's working! Miss you this year being my writing buddy, Big Guy.