Friday, April 30, 2010

Making More Room

Sometimes, cleaning out the old office makes least it did at the time I started. Now, I can't find ANYTHING! 

Where did all my stuff go? Well, I filed tons of paperwork, threw stacks of old papers, printouts, etc. through the shredder and dumped the rest that wouldn't fit in the shredder in the trash. Fini, gone. Too much open space surrounds my senses now, and the clutter I found so comforting has vanished. I tell myself to not worry, because at the rate I can create stacks and piles, it won't be long till it looks like the comfort zone I had accustomed myself before. 

Tonight, Nate Hilliard and I spent a writer's time-out at Denny's. We did a mental cleansing of our frustrations in writing and came out thinking like two energetic, positive, moving forward authors. Good for us! Writers statistically can write under the most unusual circumstances and we're no different. Nate has two small children, CMT, and a bucket load of responsibility. I, on the other hand, have four dogs, a writing career, and an addiction to coffee. With a husband who is semi-retired and is taking up wood working for his hobby. Good dang thing, 'cause his obsession with power tools and collecting every type of saw on the market ... well, let's just say I'm happy he's finally using his tools and skills after years of acquiring enough tools to open his own hardware store. Sheesh! I'll never understand men!!  

Some really good news came to me the other day in the form of an article written for The Telegraph, a newspaper in Gr. Britain. The Chief Executive of Eurostar, Mr. Richard Brown quoted his "favourite book" as being THE SCENT OF MONEY, by Cherri Galbiati. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! I've finally made it across the Big Pond!!!! 

Getting to share a copy of the article with my publisher made me feel pretty dern good.  

September will be here in no time and Impact For Murder is due out about mid month. I'll be doing the 'Snoopy Skyclad' dance under the stars as soon as it does! 

Back to cleaning out my office--I found several, okay 7 (seven) long computer cords that aren't attached to anything in here...hmmmm... 

Happy Trails to all,

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