Friday, January 21, 2011

The End Of The Tour; By: Diana L. Driver

Diana Driver's short story, The End of the Tour, is now available on Kindle for .99 cents. 

This is one charmed cozy short story that most everyone will find a character they can relate to, sympathize with, or want killed off. The End of the Tour comes highly recommended from this author (moi) with FIVE stars! For an entertaining lunch break read, or some evening time cuddled on the sofa with a glass of wine by the fire--this is the story to devour!  Here's the synopsis:
The End of the Tour by Diana L Driver
Richard was a bully who insulted everyone around him. No wonder he was murdered. The question was, "Who did it?" His sister-in-law who despised him? Or, his trophy wife who lived only for money? Written in the style of the late Dame Agatha, THE END OF TOUR is filled with campy characters, a cozy setting, and a final twist!  

Wishing everyone an exceptional day! 


  1. Cherri!!!

    THANK YOU!!!! What a wonderful blurb - and tonight is going to be a chillingly cold night; just perfect for a 99 cent short cozy mystery!!!

    I'm so glad YOU like it as I'm one of YOUR biggest fans!!!

  2. Hi Vicki! That little "1-click" button is the best invention -- since the Kindle, isn't it?

  3. Thank you, Vickie! I'm in the middle of Brittle Shadows!!! I'm loving it!