Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Go Making Plans!

Once again, I lay out the best intentions for my week ahead to write, to achieve three written chapters. Tomorrow is Thursday and I can honestly say, life has stepped in...changing my plans!

We developed a small leak in a pipe in the ceiling. That leak turned into a big spot by last Sunday night. Then a leak sprang forth from the shower head. 

Today, we entertained strangers in our home to gather several estimates for having major plumbing work throughout. Technology certainly has advanced and the days of metal pipe, PVC, galvanized, etc. are out the window and now Pex Pipe is in. Starting this Saturday, the plumbers will begin tearing out two walls and pulling the old pipe up through the walls from the ceiling. Hippy, I can't wait! No, really, I'm pretty excited with the aspect of having water pressure again. 

So while my husband will be crawling around the attic "helping" the plumbers  (cause I know he will!!hee-hee), I'm taking the dogs and disappearing for two days while the work is done. See, the water has to be shut off for the weekend in order for them to work. 

The first week of the year our washing machine bit the dust--got a new one. Now, the pipes. 

Till next week, the fur-kids and I are outta here! Of course my laptop will be at my side as well.

Happy Trails,


  1. Don't these things come in... no, don't want to jinx you. :)

    Look on the positive side: new washing machine and plumbing.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hush your mouth woman! LOL. I really like the new washer and can't wait for normal water pressure again. And having a weekend away? well, let's just say that's going to be the cherry on top!

    Vicki, on a more serious note--I send you and your homeland of Australia, constant good thoughts.
    Stay safe, my friend.