Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yes, I know...

Blogging is something at the bottom of my list. Sorry, it's been too long.

Some folks feel blogging is the way to go. I spend tons of time with family, friends, and readers, so by way of posting once in a while, will be the way I go.

Experience has taught me that time well spent keeps me out of trouble and in touch with my writing. Soooo, for the good news, I am writing. I am working on a goal of getting two novels finished this year and submitted. The first one, "Tracking On Borrowed Time" is half way finished. The second one, "The Scent of Silence" is two-thirds of the way completed. "The Scent of Silence" will be the second novel in the American Service Searchers series, starring, Tasha. (believe me, I thought that novel was ready to roll this past year, and no, it wasn't. It needed re-writing desperately and I'm thrilled to have taken some good advice.

Character strength gives depth to my novels, something in the beginning I struggled with until, like a bulb flash, the characters began 'talking' to me. They let me listen in on their conversations, giving their point of view and perspectives. I love the people and the animals in my novels and hope you will come to know them as I have...with a full sense of humor.

Happy Trails and Tails,

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