Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Every writer knows the FUN in book signings, and this past weekend brought me to my knees...in laughter at the Texas Crawfish Festival in Old Town Spring, Texas.

More tales for wool-gathering at family and friend gatherings. My VET, Karla Hilliard, and her husband, Nate (who is also a fellow writer), and their two adorable children came out to visit me. Both little ones played and ate and ran till they were plum tired. Because I write murder mysteries using DOGS to drive my plots, it tickles me to no end to look up at a signing and see MY fur-kids' VET standing before me.

Also, a wonderful friend I've known, well, almost all my life stopped by to buy a book. Lessie was astonished to see how many people made it to such a small town in Texas. Yes, Lessie, it's a doozie!

For all the other folks I met that day, thank you for coming by and visiting, buying books, and lending me a story or two to hold dear to my heart. This crowd is the best!

Lisa Smith, author of some very "steamy" vampire books gave "BITES" to everyone who walked by, adding loads of fun to our table.

Whether you enjoy reading MYSTERIES or Vampires, Lisa and I will be out there this coming Sat, 4/25 & Sun, 4/26. We loved it so much, we're gonna do it again!

Happy Trails & Tails,

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