Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Things Are A Changin'

Somewhere between sunrise and sunset, the publishing world changed directions. Totally.

I'd like to say these changes are for the good, and in some perspectives, they are. BUT, for many others, no. As a new author in this field of cat and mouse play, like a sponge I'm soaking in the information being thrown at me from every direction.

To say I'm quiet, reserved, dedicated, and well, an understatement. All my life all I wanted to do is write. And now, I'm watching the writing world spinning in circles around me as I try every day to do the one thing I love doing. Seems big promotions, gathering blurbs, and running all over the planet is expected now of writers. The constant promoting is what boils my blood, the rest of it I can take it or leave it.

Promoting requires one to get their face out there. I hear it time and time again, how only the "pretty people" get noticed. Not true. Promoting requires one to get noticed...period. And for someone like me who likes sitting on the back row, rarely raising her hand, promoting myself probably won't happen very often. Being upfront-on-stage is NOT in my DNA. It's like this, I'll never audition for a part in a play.

So why am I talking about promoting and the publishing world? Limitations. Whether you are an up-front-in-your-face type gal/guy, or not -- bookstores, access to books, and now avenues to getting in libraries are now LIMITED. Your average writer is not published out of New York, we are published in what the writing world terms, small press. And doors for the small press are being slammed shut every day lately. Yes, my publishers have won some worthy battles, but why should they have to struggle so hard to stay afloat?

Folks who love to read are only getting to know a tiny portion of authors through large promotional pockets and the stigma coming out of certain publishing houses out of NY. Yes, they are good writers, but what would the average reader think if they knew they could have access to millions of books in any genre they enjoy reading by well written authors they've never heard about? If I were still a kid, I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven. Literally!

I wish I could direct them to the local library, but unfortunately they seem to have changed their policies also. For me, this is a sad day in America. Times are a changin'.

Get on the internet, Google "small press/and or/ publishers" and gander through all the many wonderful authors out there writing stories to fill every soul. You'll be amazed!

Now, it's time for me to climb down from the podium before I faint,


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