Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Making Headway

I admit I've been slow to post on my blog...but really, I've been busy. And that's pretty much a pet peeve with me when people tell me how busy they've been. Life's short, slow down a bit. The earth won't turn any faster trying to keep up, so why is everyone trying to outrun it?

Well, I blinked and POOF! time got ahead of me. During the Christmas Holidays, my husband and I took an incredible road trip driving from Houston, where we live, to New Mexico, Arizona, California, and over to Nevada. Then reversed it all and drove back home. IN SIX DAYS!!! Just driving through Texas ate up twelve of our precious hours on the road.

Then we returned on the day before I was scheduled for back surgery. Which I might add has been successful and that's another reason for not posting. So, my excuses are legit, as I've been out of town, on the road, and surgery- recuperating.

Getting back into writing mode full-throttle, rockets blaring makes me VERY happy--

So, I'm returning at a snail's pace once again and here's wishing everyone a prosperous and joyous NEW YEAR ahead,


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