Monday, June 25, 2007

Walking and sore shins

Began an exercise routine a couple of weeks ago with some fellow writers. We call ourselves "The Walking Writers." It's been more than just a couple of years since I've done any kind of exercise at all and my body has greatly complained...before and currently.

A couple years ago, I developed a circulatory problem in the ankles and feet and didn't listen to my doctor's advice about walking. However, after years of sitting in front of the computer screen writing my heart away, I'm paying the price. So get up out of the chair and move around. Or better yet, come join us!

The only thing that has stopped a couple of us from completing our circuit around the race track has been lightning, which happened only once. One of the ladies carries an umbrella with her when it rains, which makes me laugh, because she doesn't sweat. No sweat, no getting wet, is her motto, while the rest of us look like soaked bunny rabbits in wet t-shirts.

The walking has improved my circulation, my disposition towards the world, and my brain seems to be picking up a little quicker than it used to. Now if I can find a great remedy for my sore shins!

From The Walking Writers, signing off for today--

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