Friday, July 13, 2012

Filling in the Spaces

It's been a long while since Nate and I took the time for one of our "Writers' Night Out," but tonight we did. D. Nathan Hilliard (Nate to his friends) has published another book, Shades, Eight Tales of Terror and I've gotta say it is one of the scariest. If you're into old time, down-right, sit on the edge of your seat stories...this one's for you! 

We discussed the constant changing of the publishing world, the fonts that are on covers, the new way of thinking as being a writer, and our love for writing. Everything else was laughs, shared stories, and getting caught up with each other during our six-month pause. 

Ahh, what a good evening and great company. 

Happy Trails,

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  1. Dear Cherri, hope all has been going well for you. Just popping over to give my best wishes for peaceful and loving Christmas to you and yours. Kind regards, Susan xx :D)