Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Writing, Books, and Roadblocks

We hear it all the time, "don't compare yourself to other writers." That's a toughie. So, I strive to combat my inner envy by knowing that as my bookshelf grows, I'm making headway. 

First rule in a writer's life is to remember to be patient. 

Recently, "Mystery of the Green Mist" has been released and it is an anthology, which I'm in with a short story titled, THE SCENT OF BLOOD. I am truly excited about this book. Good writers and good stories compile this collection of short stories that will make your mouth water for more. 

With IMPACT FOR MURDER, my second novel, coming out this Fall, I sit biting my nails waiting for the day when I can make the announcement that it's up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise, Mobipocket, Kindle, and goodness there's more...just like my others. 

Also, I'm in two other anthologies. "A Death in Texas," which holds my story, CONNER CREEK FOG, and "A Box of Texas Chocolates," with THE BAVARIAN DROP KILLER. 

There is also another anthology I'm involved in called, "Romance of My Dreams, Vol. 2," with a story titled, YESTERDAY'S CHANCE. That one isn't out yet, so I'm waiting. (remembering to be patient.lol) 

Yes, I write. And also, one more anthology which will come out in September of 2011, untitled at the moment, but it will have short stories from four very good writers...moi included. My stories are finished, polished, and ready to go. Just have to wait. This anthology is special for me because it's all about Christmas. Sweet Christmas stories that will warm not only your hearth, but your heart! 

I'll finish up this little blog by saying--with two novels and stories in four anthologies, soon to be five, I'm forging ahead. Not as fast as I wished, but afterall, isn't patience a virtue? 

Remember to believe in yourself, don't compare yourself to others, and do the absolute best with what you've got. 

Happy Trails,

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