Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Deadline Rush

With my debut signing for The Scent of Money approaching, I feel lost in a blizzard. Not a snow blizzard, LOL, not in Houston...the kind of blizzard that blinds you with your eyes wide open. The kind of blizzard that bites your nose when you blink.

This coming Saturday, December 1, 2007, I will be at Woof's Gourmet Pet Bakery in Old Town Spring, Texas. I can't wait! There will a cake with the book cover for its icing and a red, white, and blue theme in honor of my mystery series, American Service Searchers, using Search Dogs to hunt for lost and/or dead people.

Prizes are set aside and ready to go packed in a box, the cake is ordered, and my new outfit I picked up from the cleaners this morning, the little card table, table cloth, chair, napkins, plates, forks, etc., are all ready to go. I feel good about having everything in order in a timely manner and feel good about being able to donate a percentage of the proceeds to All Woof Rescue. Everything for the first time in my life has come together like clockwork. Except the one area I have zero control over...the weather! It is supposed to rain all day Saturday.

And if it does, I'm still going to be there, grinning and loving every moment getting a chance to meet new people, seeing friends I know, and let's not forget the dogs. The wonderful world of canines. Come on out, eat some cake, shake my hand, meet some wonderful folks, and pet some doggies.

Hope to see you there and bring your umbrella,

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